Grey Whale watching

Puerto Chale

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Duration: aprox 8 hours

Minimum 5 passengers


Every year, the peninsula of Baja is host to one of the most impressive journeys of the animal kingdom: the Grey whale migration. These mammals travel a total distance of 16,000 to 20,000 km to complete their round-trip voyage between their feeding grounds in Alaska, and their breeding lagoons in Baja California. On this trip to Puerto Chale, you can encounter mother whales and their newborn calves. Grey whales are known to be very friendly and curious and may sometimes swim up to the boats and seek human contact. This is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!


What is included:

  • Ground transportation between La Paz and Puerto Chale

  • Boat fees and access to the lagoon for the observation of the grey whales

  • Binoculars are provided for better viewing

  • Lunch menu options include: scallop seafood cocktail/ chicken with potato chips/ breaded shrimp with pasta/ scallop empanadas/ meat burritos/ garlic or breaded fish/ quesadillas/ lobster can be provided at an extra fee

  • Drinks (water and soft drinks) – Please note: If you have a reusable water bottle, we encourage you to bring it. You can refill it during the tour if needed.

  • Snacks for the trip (burritos, granola bars cookies and potato chips)

  • You will be accompanied by a bilingual guide, certified in first aid


What is not included:

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Tips are at your discretion, but greatly appreciated


We recommend the use of biodegradable sunscreen. You can purchase biodegradable lotion at our office for $220 MXN ($11 USD).


We recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses. We also recommend bringing a jacket or warm sweater. It can be very cold on the boat ride!


* This activity is only offered from January 20th to April 20th.

** Wildlife abundance is unpredictable and, although sightings are not guaranteed, the odds are definitely in your favor during the time period mentioned above. Boat tours are dependent on weather conditions.